About me

I’m an entrepreneur, company director and digital leader, and I’ve been leading digital transformation and innovation for over 10 years in financial services and in the not for profit sector. I've had the privilege of having some awesome digital leadership roles including Chief of Strategy, Innovation and Digital for World Vision Australia (Australia’s largest international NGO), and General Manager Digital for ANZ, one of Australia’s largest banks.

I’ve loved technology for much of my life. As the nerdy kid presenting my crystal radio set to my class, to the still nerdy teenager teaching myself BASIC on the new school Apple II computer at lunch time, my fascination with technology continues to this day. What I love most about it is the intersection of people, technology and business - which is what I think Digital is really all about.

Leading, coaching and mentoring intelligent and curious people is a privilege and a joy. Over decades as a leader I have led teams and businesses of hundreds of people located in three different countries, coordinated global teams, led startup social enterprises, and have had thousands of mentoring and coaching conversations. As a presenter and writer about leadership and innovation my words have reached thousands.

Now I want to leverage my experience, profile and influence to build a vision that inspires me: creating an educational platform for directors, leaders and experts to connect and build the skills and the community to help Australia become leaders in innovation. I hope it inspires you too.